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Early Bird Promotion 早鸟优惠

The early bird gets the worm, or maybe promotion for karaoke. Ever wondered what to do early in the day or no plans? Why not enjoy your karaoke session at Red Box Karaoke?

Bring along your families & friends and check in before 1pm to enjoy our EARLY BIRD PROMOTION at Red Box Karaoke, Gurney Plaza or Red Box Karaoke, 1st Avenue. Each room entitled to get 1 jug of set drink and 3 hours of karaoke session with unlimited pax check in.

早起的鸟儿有虫吃, 早起的人儿有好康! 不知道如何度过早上的时光? 何不享受一个唱K的欢乐时光呢?

现在赶快Jio你的一班唱K kaki在 1pm 之前 check-in 就能享有我们的“早鸟优惠”哦!此优惠只限于Red Box Karaoke, Gurney Plaza 和 Red Box Karaoke, 1st Avenue。每间K房均可获得1 Jug 饮料3小时唱K时间,而且可以无限人数 check in 哦!

Check out our price chart as below:-

Terms and Conditions / 详情与条规:
➡️ Entitle for customers who check-in BEFORE 1pm at Red Box Karaoke Gurney or Red Box Karaoke 1st Avenue.
➡️ Each room FREE 1 jug set drink (Available for all room type).
➡️ Each room can check-in with unlimited number of pax.
➡️ Per room charge is valid for 3 hours karaoke session.
➡️ Any check in AFTER 12pm is strictly end at 3pm sharp.
➡️ Excluding set lunch.
➡️ Side order for set lunch is available from RM10-RM12 (Weekday) & RM13-RM15 (Weekend).
➡️ Not entitle for member discount & other promotions.
➡️ Valid from: 1st June 2019 till further notice
All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 6% service tax.
➡️ The Management reserves the right to alter any terms and conditions without any prior notice.

For more booking details, kindly call directly to your preferred outlet.

Red Box Karaoke, Gurney Plaza
☎ 04-2292 922          ⏰ 11.00am
Red Box Karaoke, 1st Avenue
☎ 04-2632 922          ⏰ 11.00am