SS.London.SweeetiesIN CINEMAS 2 MAY

Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: Kaiguan Team
Cast: Maylada Susri (Bow), Natthapong Chatpong (Froid), Natthasit Kotimanatwanit (Best), Kidakarn Chatkaewmanee (Sung)
Distributor: GSC Movies

Pron (Bow- Maylada) a young girl who has a weird habit of saying things backward is having a crush on Pop (Sung- Kidakarn) a supervisor at the place where she’s doing her internship. Pron has to suddenly make a trip to London as her sister, Pen (Arin- Yuktathat) is getting married with her foreign 7-days boyfriend in England. Pron was encouraged to take a basic English course, there she meets Bo (Froid- Natthapong Chatpong) a Thai mechanic who sold his house to travel to London for his girlfriend, Jude (Best- Natthasit Gotimanuswanich) a young male from Thailand who wants to visit London and seek for a girl who later fall for an English girl Kathie (Anthonia Tutil). And last, Antoine (Mac- Achira Ether) a French teenager who can’t speak English but determine to hit on Pron.

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