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MEOW 喵星人 in cinemas 14 July 2017


Language 语言: Cantonese
Genre 类型: Comedy 喜剧
Director 导演: Benny Chan 陈木胜
Cast 演员: Louis Koo 古天乐, Marry Ma 马丽, Xi Xili 犀犀利,Jessica Liu 刘楚恬, Andy Huang 黄星羱

Synopsis :
An alien lifeform from a faraway planet has been residing on Earth for thousands of years. They transform themselves into cats and populate every area of the globe. Their intelligence and adorability have led to them being treated as kings and queens by their human minions. Xi Xili is the latest visitor from their home planet, Planet Meow. He is an adorable oversized-cat-like being that has come to invade Earth and ensure his planet`s survival. His plans get derailed upon his arrival on Earth when a family in Hong Kong takes him in as their pet.



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** Contest ends on 10/07/2017.
** All prizes must be self-collect at selected Red box & Green Box karaoke ONLY.
** Others T&C apply.

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5 X【Meow喵星人】movie pass + pillow blanket goes to….
Jiawen Lee
(Prize collection at Red Box, The Gardens)

Chi Kuan
Remie Tang
(Prize collection at Red Box Low Yat)

Hong Leong Ben
(Prize collection at Red Box The Curve)

(Prize collection at Red Box Sunway)

5 X【Meow喵星人】movie pass goes to…
Elaine Wong
Pusheen Xinyi
Loo Kah Wui
(Prize collection at Red Box Low Yat)

Kevin Ng
(Prize collection at Red Box, The Gardens)

Kok Woei Chow
(Prize collection at Red Box Sunway)

* Redemption Period: 14 July 2017 until 16 July 2017
* All Prizes must be SELF COLLECT at selected Red Box & Green Box outlets.
* Prizes not collected within the stipulated redemption period will be forfeited.
* Please bring along your Original IC for identity verification.
* Winners are not allowed to sell the winning ticket/ prizes. If found, winner will need to take responsibility for the action taken.
* Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence on winner selection will be entertained.