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有奖游戏:赢取《红衣小女孩2》THE TAG ALONG 2 电影戏票


《红衣小女孩2》 THE TAG ALONG 2 in cinemas 31 August 2017

Genre 类型: Horror 惊悚
Director 导演: Cheng Wei-Hao 程偉豪
Cast 演员: River Huang黃河, Ann Hsu Wei-Ning 許瑋甯, Rainie Yang楊丞琳,Francesca Kao 高慧君,Lung Shao Hua龍劭華

Synopsis :
Shu Fen (Rainie Yang) has been neglecting her 15 year-old daughter Ya Ting LEE. After finding out her daughter is pregnant, she asks her to have an abortion, and they have a huge fight. One day Ya Ting went missing and Mei Hua LIN the medium of Tiger God believes that Ya Ting was taken by the evil spirits to the mountains. Shu Fen organizes a search party to look for her in the mountains together with Jun Kai. Jun Kai finds the unconscious Yi Jun (Wei Ning HSU) in an abandoned mountain hospital. To find her daughter, Shu Fen lets Yi Jun stays at with her only to find more and more bizarre details all connected to the little red dress girl. The three of them decide to go to the mountains together but facing the threats of immense supernatural power, can Shu Fen find her daughter? And can all of them come back together?


故事描述整日奔波處理許多個案的社工師李淑芬(楊丞琳 飾),某天接獲通報到一樁虐童案件,正盤查女童母親林美華(高慧君 飾)時,突然接到女兒雅婷下午失蹤於校園的消息,心急如焚的淑芬查看學校監視器後,竟發現雅婷跟著一名穿著紅衣、身影詭異的小女孩離去,這個小女孩是誰?她們要去哪裡?循著線索,淑芬隨著救難隊在山區的廢棄醫院發現疑似雅婷的蹤影,但找回的卻是失蹤已久的廣播主持人沈怡君(許瑋甯 飾)。無計可施的淑芬只好先將精神不穩定的怡君帶回家,希望能從中問到女兒的下落,沒想到帶回家的可能不只是怡君…。

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** Contest ends on 27/08/2017.
** All prizes must be self-collect at selected Red box & Green Box karaoke ONLY.
** Others T&C apply.

Contest has ended.

【THE TAG ALONG 2 红衣小女孩 2】movie pass goes to….

Wong Siew Hui (XX-5416)
Pua Chiew Min (XX-5890)
(Prize collection at Red Box Low Yat)

Yen Yee Chie (XX-5542)
Chai Pei Wen (XX-5846)
Ong Wei Chang (XX-5043)
(Prize collection at Red Box, The Gardens)

Lam Soon Hong (XX-5501)
Ng Wei Chuan (XX-5133)
(Prize collection at Red Box The Curve)

Kong Teng Fong (XX-5075)
(Prize collection at Red Box Sunway)

* Redemption Period: 31 August 2017 until 03 September 2017
* All Prizes must be SELF COLLECT at selected Red Box & Green Box outlets.
* Prizes not collected within the stipulated redemption period will be forfeited.
* Please bring along your Original IC for identity verification.
* Winners are not allowed to sell the winning ticket/ prizes. If found, winner will need to take responsibility for the action taken.
* Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence on winner selection will be entertained.