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Win ‘UNLOCKED’ Complimentary Movie Passes!


UNLOCKED in cinemas 04 May 2017

Language: English
Genre: Action-fiction/Thriller
Director: Michael Apted
Cast: Orlando Bloom, Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich
Distributor: TGV Pictures

Synopsis :
Once one of the CIA’s top interrogators, Alice Racine’s career was sidelined when she failed “to unlock” a prisoner in time to save the lives of dozens of innocent people from a terrorist attack in Paris. Now leading a quiet life in London as a caseworker, Alice is unexpectedly called back into action when the CIA apprehends a suspect believed to have direct knowledge of another imminent attack. Alice successfully unlocks the suspect, but before she can fully convey the recovered intelligence to her superiors, she gets a call from her controller at Langley which heightens her suspicions. Quickly realizing she’s been duped, she narrowly escapes, and finds herself on the run. Grasping that the CIA has been deeply compromised, Alice turns to the few people she can trust as she seeks out the responsible parties as she races against the clock to prevent a deadly biological attack on the citizens of London.

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CONTEST ENDS: 04 May 2017

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【UNLOCKED】movie passes goes to….

Nazli Jalil (XX-5052)
Auzal Azura bt Othman (XX-5790)
Mohammed Hafizi bin Mohammed Awam (XX-5553)
(Prize collection at Red Box Sunway)

Soh May Loon (XX-6366)
Mohd Zufino Mohd Zulkafli (XX-5215)
(Prize collection at Red Box Plus Pavilion)

Kho Song Yuan (XX-5013)
Lo Li Jen (XX-5256)
Ng Siew Yen (XX-5340)
(Prize collection at Red Box, The Gardens)

* Redemption Period: 06 May 2017 until 09 May 2017
* All Prizes must be SELF COLLECT at selected Red Box & Green Box outlets.
* Prizes not collected within the stipulated redemption period will be forfeited.
* Please bring along your Original IC for identity verification.
* Winners are not allowed to sell the winning ticket/ prizes. If found, winner will need to take responsibility for the action taken.
* Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence on winner selection will be entertained.